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Setting goals correctly: top 5 tips for players

In all spheres of activity, people set goals for themselves. These can be both large-scale plans, such as leaving the job of a builder and becoming a professional journalist, and more mundane – not to smoke during the day. Online poker is not an exception. Unfortunately, when setting tasks, many players make mistakes, which will be discussed now.

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Five common mistakes when setting goals

“Shoot for the moon. Even if you fail, you will land somewhere among the stars” (c) William Stone.

In the quote of an American businessman, we are talking about the fact that you need to set high goals for yourself. Even if the task is not achieved, you will achieve something significant on the way to what you want. What does the saying of Stone have to do with the rules of online poker?

So, we learn to set goals correctly and try not to make the following mistakes.

The lack of a plan

Setting a goal is a good thing. Playing at micro-limits, you can dream of winning a World Series bracelet, and this is quite normal. But how to make desires come true if there is not even the slightest idea of how to do it.

Will you be playing cash or participating in tournaments? How often and at what limits do you plan to play? How are you going to manage the bankroll? These are only a small part of the questions that need to be answered when making a plan to achieve goals.

Financial goals

Accept the fact that you can only partially control the amount of money you win in online poker. Undoubtedly, many people like to set financial goals – you can easily evaluate the result, and who doesn’t like the money?

The problem is that in poker, not only the level of skill plays a role, but also the luck factor. You can show excellent results throughout the year but remain in the red because of one tournament.

It is not necessary to prioritize goals, the achievement of which can only be partially controlled. Such tasks often lead to failures. For example, a player may prematurely end gaming sessions in order to lock in profits or play longer, to recoup. You understand that it is almost impossible to achieve success in this way.

Goals for a certain number of hours/hands

Such goals are similar to financial ones since they make you strive to achieve certain figures. Undoubtedly, a certain number of hours or hands played helps gain experience and smoothly increase the bankroll. However, it is worth fighting the desire to reach a certain mark because impatience can negatively impact decision-making. In addition, you can try to play more hands per session or stay at the table longer than necessary.

Setting exclusively long-term goals

Long-term goals are good. However, the path of development in online poker should also consist of intermediate tasks. Even if the main goal is not achieved, you can still get satisfaction from achieving intermediate successes, which will be your motivate for a better game in the future.

Unsuitable goals

Try to set realistic goals for yourself, the process of which you can control. For example, do not get distracted, take more notes or learn a new game. This way, you will achieve success in online poker and get more pleasure from the game.

Set the right tasks for yourself, work on their implementation and then you will definitely reach the professional level of playing poker online.

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