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Rakeback and rake in poker

Every poker player knows about such terms as rake and Rakeback. But are you sufficiently aware of what concerns accrual, percentage and your real benefits? In this article, we will try to understand these issues and make you an offer that is difficult to refuse.

To begin with, let’s analyze the terms themselves. A rake is a certain amount that the poker room takes from the pot. In fact, this is the company’s main income, the fee for providing a platform for poker. Basically, the rake is a certain percentage of the contributions of the participants of the cash game.

Rakeback is the part of the rake that the room gives back to the players. Thus, this scheme allows participants to receive additional income. In most cases, Rakeback is calculated according to the Weight-contributed system, where the poker player receives an amount proportional to his contribution to the pot. In general, there are three ways:

  • Dealt – each player at the table who has been dealt cards receives an equal share of the rake amount, regardless of their participation in the draw and their contribution to the pot.
  • Contributed – each player who made a bet, i.e., contributed to the pot, receives an equal amount of rake, regardless of the size of their contribution. No rake is awarded to players who have discarded their cards without betting.
  • Weight-contributed – each player receives the amount of rake proportional to his personal contribution to the pot.

So everything worked until 2015, when on February 1, the iPoker network decided to change the form of charging a refund to customers. The developers have introduced new terms:

  1. RPV (Real Player Value) – assigning a poker player the status of winning or losing in a particular game. At the same time, the first include those who pay a rake from the money won and the second – those who paid from the funds deposited.
  2. SBR (Source Based Rake) is the name of a new algorithm for distributing rake. According to this scheme, the amount depends on the result of the participant.

But the result was not impressive. According to real indicators, the SBR system does not take into account performance. The percentage that you see in the window of the room is not real. This can be checked using third-party programs, for example, Holdem Manager, Poker Tracker or Poker Office. So, it turns out that 70-80%, which iPoker rooms boast of, in reality, are only 30-35%.

But this situation has an alternative. We offer, as promised, the best option. During our team’s existence, it has become clear that honesty and transparency are our main characteristics. That is why there is an agreement with the room Betfair that players will receive real percentage under the old Weight-contributed rake accrual system.

You can register on our website and receive preferences in the room mentioned above. These include:

  • maximum status immediately after creating a personal account;
  • first deposit bonus;
  • permanent reload bonus of 10%;
  • permanent rake races (with a fixed prize +6%, a mix race +5%, a race for €25 thousand and others).

We know that poker is a whole life, a separate world. It is important for us that the game process brings not only a maximum pleasure to the players, but also a good income.

If you are already a Betfair customer, do not worry. We can easily transfer you to our system for additional features. To do this, write to us on Skype or Telegram. We are always in touch and are happy to help in any situation.

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