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Poker coach: who should I choose?

The line between just entertainment and real sports in poker is quite blurred. This depends more on the individual. But it is impossible to deny that this activity has occupied its niche in serious competitive events of a global scale. Therefore, if you decide to become a professional, the help of a coach will be very useful. But how to choose a reliable and effective mentor? Read more about this.

Deciding on a teacher is an important task. If you have already decided that you will not be able to do without outside help, then follow our advice. It will help you not to make mistakes and get the most productive result.

The first recommendation is that you don’t need a coach who plays much higher than you. This may sound outrageous. Let us explain. A person gets used to the rules and features of his level. But they are not universal. The teacher must understand what works exactly at your level. Only in this case will he be able to give knowledge and skills that will really be useful.

Pay attention to the progress of former or current students of the selected master. They are the face and the main indicator of the productivity of the methodology. We also advise you to study the effectiveness of the mentor’s own game. A minus player is unlikely to be able to show a master class on how to go into the plus. This is the truth.

It is also necessary to communicate with the applicant before the start of training. Every teacher must be able to present the information correctly and clearly. Otherwise, it will be problematic to learn even the simplest and most important points. Note for yourself the manner of conversation, literacy of presentation and coherence in speaking.

Thus, following these tips, everyone will be able to find someone who will really teach new things. Today, you can get lost in the variety of offers, but are they all of the high quality? Read our news and stay up-to-date with the latest events from poker world.

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