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Mistakes in poker: TOP 8

The most important thing to start with for beginners in poker is the desire, first of all, to enjoy the game. With the development of skills and experience, you can move on to the desire to earn money. In this case, it is important not to rush and gradually move towards your goal. We have already told you where you can learn about poker for free and how to become a professional player. Today we will talk about what mistakes beginners should avoid in poker.

 Mistakes in poker: TOP 8

Mistake in poker #1: Drawing a large number of hands

Poker can seem a little boring if you feel like you’re dropping all the time. And you may find it very tempting to call on the preflop just to take an active part in the game. The problem with this approach is that you spend a lot of chips when you call. And then you will still have to fold your cards if you do not get to the flop.

This does not mean that you should participate in the pot draw only when you have a very strong starting hand. But you need to choose which hands to play.

“Practice makes perfect.” You will achieve more in the long run if you are willing to wait for suitable opportunities that are worth betting chips on.

Mistake in poker #2: Overestimating Hands

Poker players often overestimate their hands, thinking that if there is an ace or a pair in it, then the hand is a priori good. Of course, an Ace is a great card, but starting hands, such as, for example, a five and an Ace, or a six and an Ace, are not particularly strong. The same is true with low pairs. And yes, this never means that you should never play such hands. We just want to convey to you the idea that they may not be as strong as you initially think.

You can make mistakes in poker and lose if you think that you are on top after collecting a pair on the flop or river. You can be in front in such a situation, or you can just as well be behind. Before you raise or even the bet, try to think about what cards your opponents on the poker table may have that can beat you.

 Mistakes in poker: TOP 8

Mistake in poker #3: Frequent Blind Protection

Very often, novice players in online poker for real money feel almost obliged to play pot when it’s their turn to pay big or small blinds. There are several reasons for this:

  • The feeling that you need to even the raise because the chips are already invested in the pot.
  • Actually, the ego, which does not allow you to fold your blinds so as not to look weak in the eyes of your rivals.

But it won’t work that way. There are strategic reasons to play weaker hands than usual from the blinds, but in most cases, it is better to fold if you do not have the necessary cards to justify your participation in the game session.

Mistake in poker #4: A Lot of Bluffing

A successful bluff is one of the best feelings in poker. You immediately get the feeling that you’ve outdone everyone just like in movies about cheaters or like James Bond. After all, it is much more pleasant to think that you have defeated someone by outplaying and not just having the best cards in your hands. However, many beginners get carried away with this idea and start bluffing too much.

What is this fraught with? In the game, there is always a chance that you can face the player who really will have a hand with which he can equalize you. And if your opponents suspect that you are bluffing a lot, they will try to go against you more often.

Mistake in poker #5: Overplaying

Many beginners fall into the trap of believing that they must constantly make difficult moves if there is a chance of winning. But this is a big misconception.

You can beat your opponents with simple moves, especially if you play at lower limits. Save the difficult moves for the case when you gain more experience and learn about different poker strategies.

 Mistakes in poker: TOP 8

Mistake in poker #6: Predictability

It is necessary to avoid that your game is so predictable that your opponents on the poker table will start using it. Even if they are beginners, but they are not fools sitting there. Even at low limits in poker rooms there are users who are able to observe and analyze the actions of opponents. Therefore, you need to think about how to complicate their understanding of how you play and under what principle you make your moves.


  • Don’t bet the same amount.
  • Participate from time to time in the pot draw with the hands that are least typical for you.

Mistake in poker #7: Emotionality

Keep your emotions in check if you play live poker. Anger and frustration in poker are dangerous feelings that can be imprinted on your face, which your opponents will definitely notice. You may also start making the wrong decisions. As soon as you give in to emotions, you will have a much better chance of losing even more money.

Mistake in poker #8: Not Watching Your Opponents

Of course, a successful outcome of a game at the poker table is a set of correctly made decisions. However, this combination includes many factors, for example, watching your rivals. The most common mistakes in poker for beginners are that they almost completely concentrate on their cards and actions, not paying enough attention to the actions of their opponents.

Of course, it is unlikely that just starting to play poker, you will be able to calculate the actions of your opponents very accurately. But this will be the first push to learn this. Watch the moves of your opponents, make notes in your mind about their style of play.

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