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Luxury Accessories for Poker Players

Many people associate poker with big money. This activity really brings professionals a good income. At the same time, they are doing what they love. What could be the best combination? But for some, it’s not enough just to own wealth: they crave thematic luxury. To amuse the pride of such representatives of the poker community, the masters create real masterpieces that are worth millions today.

Geoffrey Parker, a London jeweler, was able to surprise the public in 2011. This master created the most solid and attractive poker set. It includes almost 400 chips, several decks of playing cards, as well as a button for the dealer. For jewelry, the creator used the most beautiful stones: beautiful emeralds, rubies, sapphires, and girls’ best friends – diamonds. The skin of the sea creature, as valuable material, was used for the center. The suitcase containing these things also has a solid value. And all thanks to the alligator skin and diamond inserts.

The next valuable thing is an ancient deck for poker games. It dated from the second half of the 16th century and was found on the current German territory. The materials taken for the base are silver and gold. The images that are familiar to us today were represented by real portraits of people of that era. Today, only five such unique decks are known. One of them was sold at auction for $550 thousand.

Five years ago, the whole world recognized the jeweler Jerry Levy. This master from the north of the American continent was able to create a chip, the price of which was almost half a million conventional units. It is noteworthy that the corresponding record was made in the Guinness World Records. So, this masterpiece has become the most expensive poker accessory in the world. The composition includes fancy rose gold and diamonds.

The statement “golden cards” can have a double meaning. Today, you can remove the quotation marks since there are really cards made of precious metal. At the same time, the maximum sample is 999.9. The author of such an accessory was the company Mitsubishi Material Corporation. Each of the cards is quite ready for use; they have sufficient flexibility. Such a creation is valued at $13,000.

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