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How to win a gold bracelet or the story of Gus Hansen

Gus Hansen, a well-known poker player today, surprises with his life stories. And it began in the city of Copenhagen, where a little boy, like everyone else, went to school, played football and was fond of backgammon. But he started playing poker for money in another country. After the first stage of education, Gus went to the University of California, where the local casinos gave up under his perseverance and mathematical abilities.

Then there was service in the army and return to the United States. It was at that moment that the poker player began to play more professionally. However, his first visit to the capital of all gambling was a failure: he lost on the first day of the WSOP.

After meeting Phil Laak, Hansen completely focused on development. For several years he experimented, studied, tried different options. By 2002, his level of mastery of the situation in poker reached unprecedented heights. Then the professional decided to try his hand at international competitions. Immediately came the victory at the WPT in the Five Diamond tournament. 2003 brought two more titles in the world series, as well as almost a million dollars.

Gus’s Winning Tournament Series

The following year, Gus won the event from PokerStars poker, where he received almost half a million dollars more. This situation led to the fact that this lucky guy got into the WPT Hall of Fame. Four wins speak for themselves.

Hansen never had any extravagance, so he used all the money he won wisely. He spent some of the money on a poker room, which a year later was sold into the hands of the owners of the room Betfair. Then fate brought the poker player to the team Full Tilt. As a result, he turned into the first sponsored Team member.

In 2009, under the leadership of Hansen, a website channel was launched where everyone could watch videos about this exciting game for free. For several years, the author had to constantly move between his native country and the United States. But he still bypassed the WSOP. The victories continue even today: many tournaments (Poker Superstars, WPT and others) are submitted to this player.

The path to the championship

In 2007, one more attempt was made to win the coveted gold bracelet. However, Gus got only 61st place. The next time the result was improved to the 10th. But he didn’t get the championship for another two years.

Only in 2010, our hero was able to win the championship in a High Roller tournament. So, the bracelet fell into the hands that really deserved it.

In addition to poker, there are many other interesting things in Gus’s life. First, it is worth noting that the player takes care of himself and constantly devotes time to sports. Moreover, he does not refuse all sorts of bets for big money. For example, he lost a boxing match, and as a result, lost 35 thousand dollars.

The history of every famous poker player once again proves that poker is not just a game; it is a lifestyle. And it’s also a real way to earn money. You can begin playing in any poker room. We recommend paying attention to the PokerStars bonus. Today, this company generously gifts its new customers.

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