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How to minimize losses in poker

Undoubtedly, every poker player dreams of playing online poker in plus. Unfortunately, dreams rarely correspond to reality, and often everything happens completely differently. To minimize losses, it is necessary not only to hone your tactics daily, but also to control your emotional state without being subjected to a tilt.

Tilt resistance

Tilt is a player’s condition caused by a series of wins or losses, in which the poker player behaves in an unusual manner and makes many mistakes.

To minimize losses, control your emotional state. Naturally, the loss will not leave any player indifferent, but one should treat downswing calmly. Panicked attempts to recoup will only lead to a complete loss of the bankroll.

Finish the game on time

One of the most harmful players’ habits can be attributed to the rapid completion of a successful session and delaying a negative one. In the first case, poker players try to fix a profit; in the second, they hope to win back. The latter option can lead to a real disaster.

“Take a look at your five biggest wins and five biggest losses. If you played much longer when you lost than when you won — you have a problem with self-discipline. If you manage to reverse this negative trend, this will be the most important step towards becoming a positive player” “wrote Steve Zolotov in his article for Card Player magazine.

Analyze the statistics of your games. How often after several negative sessions did you manage to play in the plus and fight off a loss? We strongly recommend that you end the game if you lose two buy-ins and test the luck factor on another day.

In conclusion, we would like to give some tips that will help reduce the number of losses in online poker:

  • If you have problems with tilt, study as much literature on this subject as possible to learn self-control.
  • If you are delaying negative sessions, accustom yourself to the fact that small losses are normal. Wait patiently, and you will definitely start earning money from the game.

Remember that poker requires good discipline. Only by completely controlling yourself can you turn from a minus player into a plus one.

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