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How to comfortably learn new poker games

Many online poker players prefer Unlimited Hold’em. It’s not surprising, because this kind of game is the most popular in the world. However, sometimes you want to learn new rules and play the same Omaha or Draw poker. What is the most comfortable way to make the transition to other games? We will tell you about this in today’s article.

How to learn new games in online poker
How to learn a new poker game

We offer several recommendations that will help you make a comfortable transition from one type of poker to another.

1. Carefully study the rules.

This advice seems obvious, but you have no idea how many players start a new game without even half understanding the rules. There is no need to expect that the specifics of a particular type of poker will be learned during the hand.

2. Open only one table during the first hands.

You are likely to be a good No-Limit Hold’em player who can open several tables at once. When you are just at the stage of learning a new type of poker, we strongly recommend that you limit yourself to one table in order to receive new information in full. Take notes, check the rules, analyze mistakes.

3. Play poker for real money.

After studying the rules and a couple of trial hands, we recommend starting the game for real money. You don’t have to make big bets, most poker rooms support the game on micro limits. The prospect of losing at least a small amount of money will not allow you to treat the hand lightly and encourages you to think through every move.

4. Take notes during the game.

Make regular notes as the game progresses: these may be interesting moves of the opponents, moments that were not clear to you and require more detailed consideration, etc. In the future, you will be able to analyze the data yourself or ask for help from the poker coach.

5. Watch the game of professional players.

Learning from professionals is one of the best ways to improve your own game. Twitch is very popular, where you can watch live broadcasts of experienced poker players online.

At the moment, there are many useful, and most importantly, free resources for those who want to master a new game. Of course, the game at a high level is different from the hands on micro limits. In general, observing the game of people 2-3 limits above you can be extremely effective.

6. Don’t expect to become a professional quickly.

If you have achieved success in one type of poker, this does not mean that you will quickly become a professional in another game. True mastery should become a long-term goal, which should be achieved gradually.

The diversity in the varieties of the game will benefit every poker player. Follow the simple recommendations, and the process of learning new games will be as comfortable as possible.

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