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How to behave on poker sites and in a live game

If you want to play poker for real money, then you have two options: register on the online platform of the room or find a company for a live game. In both cases, you will have to interact with other poker players. And this situation requires certain rules. Too much has been written on the topic “how to behave in society”. Etiquette has existed since time immemorial. But how to act correctly in a poker tournament? This will be discussed.

In any case (either poker room sites for money or a live tournament) the rules of behavior will be similar. Therefore, we will not separate them. So, here are the conditions under which you and your rivals will have only pleasant memories of meeting at the poker table.

  • It is not necessary to give information about the hand before it is played.
  • Respect the dealer. This person is not to blame for your failures; he is just doing his job.
  • Don’t cause a pause. Talking on the phone or any other abstract actions will not give you authority among your rivals.
  • A bad tone is a situation when a player removes cards from the table. This is not approved.
  • There is no need to react too emotionally to failures.
  • Watch out for the chips: they should not accidentally fall into the pot. This can confuse the dealer.
  • Do not open your cards to other participants of the tournament, do not ask for help.

These are the main points that should be followed when sitting with cards at a table with a green canvas.

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