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How the poker rich live: Bill Perkins surprises

Do you play poker with zeal, the client has been installed on your mobile for a long time, free time is spent at the tables, and there is no great success? Maybe the life of Bill Perkins will motivate you? This poker player has created a reputation for himself as an avid fan of high rollers and an expressive rich man. And all thanks to the game.

Joel Watts, a journalist of the British portal Unilad, asked for his life to see the living conditions of the owner of a ten-digit wealth. He provided the description in his characteristic humorous manner. But it’s quite entertaining to read.

So, wasting money is a common thing for Bill. It is not difficult to buy, for example, a suit that costs ordinary people a whole salary. This is everyday life. This should also include a luxury vacation on a normal day, for example, in a large restaurant or in some exclusive place.

The villa of Perkins struck even a much-seen journalist with its scope. Basking in a luxurious bathroom was the height of bliss for him. But the rich man decided to explain some points of poker games using the example of sharks, for which he took a new friend to a water park. Playing poker for money is his life’s work, it is not surprising that the explanations were very entertaining and understandable.


For all his extravagance, Bill is distinguished by philanthropy. He often does things that help others or at least please them. So, one day he took a yacht and some fans and decided to visit the Virgin Islands with them. Unfortunately, the hurricane canceled these plans. But the intentions clearly increase the favor for this person.

Watts has a few more impressions left for a couple of years ahead. The only thing that he failed: to persuade Perkins to adopt him. And all this happened at the PokerStars event, the registration to which was held on the website. We also urge you to pay attention to the fact that the new room for the quartet of European countries is already open to residents of the CIS. Our website is ready to offer you special conditions that will increase your Rakeback on Pokerstars. Read more in the description of the room.

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