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How much do people win at the casino, and how are doing

Recently, Inside Gaming shared their news about the income from Nevada, a new casino, contributions to a sports magazine and the decisions of the Hungarian authorities regarding online gambling. Let’s take everything in order.

As reported, the winnings in Nevada for the first month of this year exceeded $ 1 billion. This is a solid amount for a month of games. This amount was published in the monthly report of the casino. It was also noted that this indicator crossed this bar for the first time during the year. But Las Vegas Strip reduced winnings by almost 9%. But February, according to the main indicators, increased compared to last year. But the total amount of bets has decreased. It is important to know that the Super Bowl is not included in this statistic.

March began with the opening of a new casino in New York State in Bridgeport – The Point Place Casino. This institution cost $ 40 million to Oneida Nation. More than 500 slot machines, 20 table games, restaurants, bars, and a parking lot are already located inside. There is an opportunity for local music groups to perform. Already at 10.00 on an opening day, hundreds of people were at the entrance, who wanted to be the first to experience all the charms of this place.


The leaders of The Stars Group have acquired a large stake in the Australian sports portal CrownBet Holding. This purchase cost $ 117 million and accounted for 62% of the stocks. The Stars Group will now appoint the majority on the board of directors, but the real CEO will continue his work. Perhaps this will somehow affect the fact that poker is legalized in Australia. It is enough to recall an example of (you can download the client of which on the website). They almost managed to create an All-European pool of players. Anything is possible!

A court case against the Hungarian government’s decision to restrict online games has ended. The European Court of Justice ruled that the representatives of the authorities of this state were wrong in their actions against the operators of gambling entertainment. There is a Treaty of the European Union, where all the features of this kind of cases are spelled out. As a result, it was stated that the EU member states could not use sanctions against gambling operators.

Also, the latest news from the world of poker should include the latest steps of the company PokerStars, whose money was invested in an All-European pool of players. The agreement on its creation was signed last year by four countries. Today, residents of the CIS can also join players from France and Spain and download the program for any device on the PokerStars website. Thus, the portal is already up and running without any problems.

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