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Helio Neves and his conflict with PartyPoker

A young player from Brazil found himself in an unpleasant situation. Helio Neves, who performs under the nickname player999, is a regular participant of expensive MTT. At the weekend, he faced difficulties when participating in an online tournament from PartyPoker.

 PartyPoker support service
Helio Neves and the PartyPoker bug

The first weekend of March was in the usual mode for Helio; he took part in several online tournaments, one of which was the Sunday PartyPoker tournament with a buy-in of $109 and a guarantee of $100,000. Everything was fine until Neves client hung up at the top-50 stage. The tournament continued, and player999 missed moves. According to the Brazilian, he restarted the application as soon as he realized that it was frozen. When he returned to the game again, there was only one big blind left on his account, while before the application “hung”, his balance was about 7,300,000 chips with blinds of 175-350 thousand — this is about 21 big blinds. As a result, Neves was eliminated from the tournament.

PartyPoker tournaments
Contacting the support service of the room

Immediately after the unpleasant incident, Helio Neves contacted the support service of the room. After reading the description of the problem, the PartyPoker employee checked the session logs and, not finding any deviations, assumed that Helio had independently enabled the auto-fold function.

Auto-fold is a mode in which the cards are automatically discarded, and the player stops participating in the ongoing pot draw.

Neves was extremely surprised by this conclusion because he knew that the room’s client just hung up. However, an attempt to convince the operator that the loss of balance was caused solely by an error on the room’s servers was not successful. The player failed to provide screenshots as proof and, being disappointed in the work of the support service, stopped the dialogue.

Problem solving and compensation from Partypoker

It is difficult to imagine what was the surprise of the player from Brazil when on Wednesday, three days after contacting the support service, he was contacted by the room representatives. In addition to apologizing for the inconvenience and returning the buy-in, the player received a ticket to the upcoming PartyPoker Million tournament as compensation. Representatives of the room noted that, first of all, the error of the support service employee was the reason for such a long solution to the problem.

Helio Neves: player999

Neves can not be called a very famous player, but he still has a certain number of achievements on his account. Since 2016, Helio has been the owner of the golden ring for the first place at the end of the WSOP Circuit season. The total winnings at offline events are about $420,000, but recently the player has been taking part in online tournaments of various poker rooms more often.

Helio Neves and his conflict with PartyPoker

As for PartyPoker, Helio Neves has been their client for quite a long time. In 2018, a funny story happened between the room and Neves. With 10,000 Canadian dollars in his account, Neves went to Montreal to participate in one of the tournaments. The balance was enough to pay for three buy-ins, which were spent on re-entries to the tournament. Upon returning home, Helio noticed that the funds were not debited from his account, and, as a good citizen, he reported the error to the support service of the room. In the end, the money was debited from his account in full.

This example clearly shows that unpleasant situations are possible in any field of activity, and sometimes it is necessary to show a little patience. PartyPoker is a reliable room, but it employs ordinary people who, like all of us, sometimes make mistakes. What is much more important is that the company does not deny its mistakes, promptly eliminates them, and sometimes fully compensates for any inconveniences.

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