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An unforgettable hand: Four of a Kind on Four of a Kind from Norm MacDonald

Every poker player had the same combination of cards that brought him a huge win or an unforgettable loss. No player will be able to forget the terrible river, because of which a huge pot was lost. Today we will tell you about the unforgettable hand of Norm MacDonald.

Norm MacDonald's hand

Popular player Norm MacDonald regularly participates in tournaments. There have been many interesting hands in the life of a professional player, but when asked about the most memorable one, Norm recalls the night at the Mirage Casino.

MacDonald was playing limit Hold ’em at a $40/$80 table with a woman he knew before. Norm got two pocket Queens.

“She had pocket Kings, and I had a Four of a Kind from the flop,” says Macdolnd.

The opponents continued to bet, locked in a tough fight. The game went perfectly up to a certain point.

“With a turn and a river, she was given a Four of a Kind Kings. In the end, we bet like crazy, but she still felt sorry for me and let me off the hook”

At the end of the game, the pot grew to $6,600, and the opponents made 12 bets each. It so happened that Norm was the victim of the cooler.

“It would be great if there was a bad-beat jackpot in the casino, “MacDonald said with a laugh.

By the way, speaking about the bad-beat jackpot, Norm recalled a case when he received it, but as a prize, it turned out to be quite different from what the player expected.

“Once, I actually won the bad-beat jackpot at Mohegan Sun, for which I was awarded a jacket. It is still hanging in the closet, but I would certainly prefer money.”

During his career as a professional poker player, Norm MacDonald earned more than $44,000. The player showed the best result at the WSOP-2013, where he took 20th place and received $14,608.

According to Norm, before the ban of online poker in the United States, he was a regular and played at the same time at 20 tables in limit Hold’em. Poker player often sacrificed sleep and completely forgot about breaks and rest.

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