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Hand2Note website

Hand2Note is an innovative poker room software that allows you to get statistical information about the opponents at the poker table. You can visit the Hand2Note website right now and download a free version of the program for 30 days. And if you want to purchase the full version of the software with advanced functionality, we will give you a 10% discount promotional code.

Hand2Note website

Hand2Note website: a detailed review of the software

Hand2Note poker software allows players to use analytical tools to see statistics on their opponents during the current session. Such information helps the poker player to find his bearings in time and think over his strategy.

The developers who present the Hand2Note website claim that they have created the most accurate Poker Hood and highlight the following advantages of the program:

  • Performance level.
  • Unique database structure.
  • More than 500 stats for each player right during the game.
  • The ability to display stats on players, depending on their position or situation in the distribution.
  • Variation of stats: positions of hero and opponents, the number of players at the beginning of the hand, the size of the effective stack, the number of hands per player, whether the poker player is a reg or a fish.
  • Advance note system.
  • Compact graphics.
  • Complex elements in pop-ups.
  • Indicator of the last fish showdowns.

Hand2Note poker software

The Hand2Note website offers users four versions of software to choose from:

  • Base.
  • Edge.
  • Asia.
  • Pro.

How the connection packages differ from each other, we will describe in more detail below.

Hand2Note Base version

Hand2Note Base is a 30-day trial version that can be downloaded from the official website for free. Features such as:

  • Statistical Hood.
  • Reports.
  • Sessions.
  • Custom statistics.
  • Unlimited rates.
  • Regular updates.
  • 24/7 live chat support.

Unlike the paid version, there are no:

  • Positional and dynamic Hood.
  • Expanded statistics window.
  • Range research and decision analysis.
  • Asian poker rooms.

Poker rooms that support the Hand2Note Base version: Pokerstars, Ipoker, 888Poker, Winning, Chico, Hive, Winamax, Adda52, 9Stacks, Dollaro, Betonline, Colombia Poker Live, Europe-bet, FTR Poker, Poker GDFPLAY, Highrollers, Poker Mania, Sekabet, SpartanPoker, Sportsbetting, Tigergaming, PlanetWin365, Brasil Poker Live, Win2Day, WWin.

Hand2Note Edge version

The Hand2Note Edge version costs $ 19.90 per month. But if you use our promo code H2N10SMAPS when purchasing, you can purchase the program with a discount of $ 17.91.

Of course, more advanced functionality is presented here:

  • A dynamic hood that includes a thousand indicators, including stack sizes, positions, actions in hand.
  • EV analysis allows you to analyze the profitability of the decisions of the players, including yours.
  • Advanced statistics that provide information on preflop ranges, a chart of strong hands, and bet sizing trends.
  • Expanded range of research of rivals, their level.

The poker rooms that support the software are the same as in the free version.

Hand2Note Pro version

Hand2Note Asia version

The very name of the Hand2Note Asia version speaks for itself. Its main difference is its focus exclusively on Asian poker rooms: PokerMaster, Pokerking, RedDragon, PokerClans, PPPoker, KKPoker, RealPoker, pokerCommunity, Bingo, All-in Poker, UPoker, WePoker.

This version does not support Positional and Dynamic Hood, Extended Statistics, Range Exploration, and Decision Analysis.

The monthly subscription is $ 29.90, but thanks to our special promocode – H2N10SMAPS, you’ll pay $ 26.91.

Hand2Note Asia version

Hand2Note Pro version

Hand2Note Pro version is an advanced package that includes absolutely all functions and even more:

  • Supports all poker rooms.
  • It connects not only to a personal computer but also correlates with the Android operating system.
  • Dynamic Hood.
  • EV Decision Analysis.
  • Researching the pool of players in the poker room.
  • Extended statistics.
  • Auto Hood, which automatically determines the best Hood for each situation.
  • Official statistics package.

The Hand2Note website provides the subscription. The Pro version costs $ 49 per month, but if you use our promocode H2N10SMAPS when purchasing, then, taking into account the discount, you will pay $ 44.1.

Hand2Note website: how to install software

Finally, let’s analyze how the Hand2Note software is installed:

  • Visit the Hand2Note website.
  • Downloading software.
  • Run it on your PC. Installation requires Net Framework version 4.7.2 or higher.
  • You need to set up auto-import. Please note that this is not possible in Chinese poker rooms. Go to your poker client.
  • Turn on the option to save hand histories.
  • Add Hand2Note to the auto-import list. Go to the “Configuration” section of the software. Select “Autoimport”.

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