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Weak players: ~ 88%
Reliability of the room
8 out of 10
Software quality
10 out of 10
Site usability
9 out of 10
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7 out of 10

4 out of 5

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Time of processing by the room: From 2 to 24 hours
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To register correctly on the PPPoker the account was linked to Poker-Royal777 and you received all the bonuses from us, perform all the actions listed below. In case of any questions, write to the manager in any convenient way.

1 Clear the cookies in the browser.

2 Follow the link "Download" (button gold color in the upper part of the site below the logo and the name of the room PPPoker). It is important to go to the site of the room from our site to link an account to Poker-Royal777.

3 Register in the room PPPoker. If you need a promo code (the sign up code), enter it - look for the promo code itself above on this page.

4 After registering in PPPoker, fill out the form below, we will check the correctness of your actions and notify you about the binding status.

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PPPoker is an application for playing poker online

The Chinese mobile poker app PPPoker broke into the virtual poker market in 2016. The platform uses AceKing Tech software and has a multi-level structure that includes private clubs, their administrators and agents. We will tell you more about how this system works in our review.


PPPoker Club: features of the company’s services

The PPPoker mobile application has announced itself as an open and secure platform, but it is important to highlight some nuances of this formulation. Yes, indeed, the company’s team consists of cool specialists who implement the program’s protection from various DDOS attacks. However, this is the end of all the obligations of the application to users.

It is important to note that PPPoker does not bear any financial and legal responsibility to the players. The system is designed in such a way that third-party agents are responsible for the users’ game money. And the withdrawal of funds depends only on cooperation with them.

Therefore, it is necessary to consider the selection of possible candidates carefully. Unfortunately, PPPoker is not responsible for the actions of the club admins and managers.

How is this possible? The fact is that online poker clubs in PPPoker are shady. That is, PPPoker is essentially a platform that makes it possible to accommodate clubs and their admins. Due to this, all possible risks are shifted to the players themselves who join these clubs.

PPPoker Clubs: how to deposit and withdraw funds

As such, there is no deposit in PPPoker. Gold coins and green diamonds (virtual, of course) are used as currency in the poker application. They are purchased in the “Store” section. By the way, if you have products from Apple, then you will pay with a card that is linked to your Apple ID.

But the chips in PPPoker clubs are provided separately. The agents, in this case, us, are responsible for their distribution among the players. Actually, if you are interested in earning real money, then you need to contact our manager.

In Chinese applications, it is important to trust only an affiliate that has been tested for years, so as not to lose your funds. Through our manager, you can buy chips for games and then sell them for a kind of withdrawal of funds.

To withdraw funds, you must write to our agent for whom you are assigned. There are no uniform conditions for transferring winnings.

However, in any case, the names of electronic wallets that are used for transferring money are known for sure:

  • Ecopayz, Skrill, Neteller, Webmoney.

PPPoker app: pros and cons

It is logical that you can use the application only by downloading it to your device. PPPoker downloaded on both Android and iOS. You will find a download link in stores that serve a particular operating system, as well as on the page of the official website of PPPoker.

PPPoker download

We have made a detailed analysis of the mobile application and services provided by the company, and we are ready to share the results.

PPPoker online Poker app-pros:

  1. View the demo version of the application. If you want to see how the program functions, you can use the “guest” function without registering a profile.
  2. Creating an account with a minimum amount of data (name and password). The ability to link social networks.
  3. Lack of verification.
  4. The vertical layout of tables.
  5. The opportunity to play the most common poker formats: PLO, NLH, OFC.
  6. SpinUP, MTT and SNG tournaments.
  7. Simultaneous play at several tables.
  8. A large percentage of weak players are from the USA, India and Australia.
  9. Rakeback up to 45%.
  10. Reward coins for various achievements.
  11. It is allowed to use
  12. You can become the owner of a PPPoker club, manage players and funds, and receive additional earnings.
  13. Protection against disconnection. A very useful thing if you sometimes have problems with the connection. For example, the Internet may freeze during your turn. In this case, the system will provide a little time to restore it.
  14. Training. PPPoker has its own YouTube channel, where the company posts training videos on creating PPPoker Clubs.
  15. You can invite friends and relatives to the game. This is also good news because, basically, creating an account using a single IP address is prohibited in poker rooms.

PPPoker mobile app disadvantages:

  1. PPPoker does not bear any legal and financial responsibility.
  2. The actual inability to play for real money.
  3. There is no insurance against an unreliable agent.

As you can see, the advantages of PPPoker are much more than the disadvantages, but it’s up to you to decide which items are of real importance to you.

Reviews of the poker room PPPoker